Online IELTS Training Platforms Get Your Top English Test Scores for University Admission

Online IELTS Training Platforms: Who states you are able to only get ready for the IELTS exam in class? Many online platforms assist you to get ready for the IELTS Test for Academic British (including its four mandatory stages Studying, Speaking, Listening and Writing), and supply methods to test out your British skills as well as your knowledge of the testing process at a small fraction of the price of attending a specialized language school location.

Studyportals has reviewed three Top Online IELTS Training Platforms supplying IELTS test training, that will help you pick the perfect option, and obtain accepted for a worldwide college very quickly:

online IELTS training platform

  • IELTS Test Online is a division of Impact Learning Services, New Zealand
  • IELTS Academic Test Preparation by EdX, United States
  • IELTS Magoosh, United States
  • E2Language, Australia

By assessing these online IELTS preparation platforms we are able to share our insights about who’d neat thing by using these platforms.

Working out platforms is going to be reviewed around the following points:

  • Usability and page design
  • Preparation materials included
  • The simulation experience
  • The speaking test
  • Test evaluation and keeping track of results
  • Fees and subscription duration
  • Conclusions

Each topic section includes observations about each of the four platforms.

1. Platform usability & page design

IELTS Test Online

  • Initially, it’s not a very obvious way to get began. The very busy appearance of the page can make confusion.
  • Some graphic elements look outdated.
  • Including better links to previous pages might help with navigation.
  • Sometimes it might be hard to remember the way you arrived on the specific page.

IELTS Academic Test Preparation

  • Clean, modern look.
  • Includes student support section and useful information page.
  • Also includes an FAQ with forum answers.
  • Easy to get started, to use, and navigate.
  • Videos have subtitles.
  • You can easily tell what you will do on the page based on specific icons.
  • Good overview of all steps and available exercises.

IELTS Magoosh

  • Simple to navigate and also to know where you are on the website.
  • Simple, modern, and simple platform.
  • Simple to mark and track progress with a summary of completed courses and percentage cake charts.
  • No intro prior to getting began, however, the platform is intuitive enough. You are able to take notes throughout the video and review them when you really need to.
  • You may also leave feedback for every video lesson, to follow along with exactly what the teacher says easier. The choice to accelerate video without having affected quality.
  • Throughout the tests, you need to complete the solution inside a separate box and press the submit button, which is located further lower around the page – not so user-friendly.


  • Good website structuring having a helpful tutorial to obtain began fast.
  • Users have total control over what they need to begin with.
  • They are able to obtain a customized study plan with different short questionnaires.
  • Students can perform short exercises when they watch free lesson videos.
  • The working platform includes a modern look and you can easily use it and intuitively.
  • You are able to only track progress should you upgrade to some greater package.
  • Tests are simple to take. Regrettably, when the timer starts, you might not come up with a choice to pause it.
  • Includes video tutorial explaining ways to use the platform and simple to find a FAQ section

2. Included IELTS preparation materials

IELTS Test Online

Includes over 80 interactive training and 350 tutorial videos.

  • A vocabulary introduction can be obtained before each lesson.
  • There’s a preliminary quiz before each lesson to check your beginning understanding.
  • You will find lots of video lessons incorporated within the training.
  • The working platform includes preparation for an array of applicants: 5. to 9. score band.
  • You will find a research plan that will help you use the learning rhythm.
  • You are able to download audio recordings for more use following the subscription expires.
  • Free 800-page e-book including all training.
  • You will find games to relax but additionally practice your British level.

IELTS Academic Test Preparation

  • Includes lots of videos with a choice of installing them if you would like.
  • Interesting exercises incorporated.
  • You simply obtain access to a substantial area of the materials should you pay extra.
  • 160 extra activities for premium students.
  • A progress bar monitors your completed tests.

IELTS Magoosh

  • 700 hours of video material.
  • Video materials covering all four test sections, and IELTS skills as well as extensive grammar lessons.
  • In addition to offering language training for the parts of IELTS, it includes also lessons on English grammar.
  • Lessons and test simulations are split into individual sections.
  • E2Language
  • The disposable version provides practice exercises, video training and live classes.
  • Teachers evaluate student progress should they have selected the compensated course options.
  • Also, for compensated options, students can schedule calls with teachers to organize a learning track, possess a pre-test meeting to refresh their understanding and obtain solutions to the last-minute questions.
  • Users can pick a preferred level for that grammar exercises so that they have more relevant training according to their current level. They are able to watch 1-hour lengthy recorded classes, and possess the choice to sign up for online live training held regularly.

3. Test simulation experience

  • IELTS Test Online
  • 15 preparation tests for every IELTS section for as many as 60 tests, whatever the subscription you select.
  • Each test includes a band score estimator incorporated.
  • You are able to go ahead and take tests as numerous occasions as you would like.
  • The tests loads inside a pop-up page.
  • IELTS Academic Test Preparation
  • All training integrate exercises naturally.
  • Well-structured lesson plan: first explanatory videos, then written text with steps to take the exam, adopted by section-specific exercises.
  • Training are intuitive and various.
  • Exercises show students how you can complete solutions within the official IELTS test.
  • Very little practice tests readily available for the delinquent account.

IELTS Magoosh

  • Videos look a bit generic, with just text on a white background.
  • During the test simulations, you cannot skip exercises.
  • Answers and explanations are at the bottom of the page, in written and video format.
  • You cannot fill in the answers directly in the text, but in a separate box.
  • The test is timed and provides a realistic simulation.


  • Students get points for completed assignments and there’s additionally a leaderboard using the greatest scores.
  • You are able to unlock more when you purchase a much better package.
  • The training is structured into a summary lesson, a technique lesson, and exercise tests.
  • Students can perform short exercises when they watch free lesson videos.
  • For that compensated option, they may have a discussion having a teacher when they are unsuccessful in the exam. By doing this, possible out what went wrong and make preparations better for the next time.

What are you waiting for Advance your English skills, pick an online IELTS training platform, and get ready for your IELTS Academic English Exam!

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