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How to Study Abroad After the 12th?

Study Abroad After the 12th – Recently the popularity to accomplish undergraduate studies in India, gain experience after which pursue a Master’s has observed a substantial shift. Nowadays, a substantial quantity of students from India, choose to pursue their study abroad following the twelfth. Following completing your twelfth grade in India, you’ll have use of an array of programs abroad. Edwise, overseas education consultants will show you using it.

Here’s the best way to Study Abroad After the 12th at top destinations after your twelfth grade.

Study Abroad After the 12th


  • There’s a host of popular metropolitan areas in United kingdom which include a variety of top universities that you can learn at. The primary intake at universities in United kingdom is Sep/March. A couple of universities offers Jan/February intakes too.
  • The minimum IELTS score at universities is 6. for undergraduate programs. Some United kingdom Universities consider the marks scored in British in XII. If students have scored as much as 75%, some universities waive the British requirement. Some universities also accept TOEFL and PTE scores.
  • Most rated Universities require 80-85% for Engineering, Law, and Management. Some Universities having a high ranking for particular subjects may also require no less than 90%. IB: 38-40 points along with levels -AAA preferred. Entry needs for Humanities, Arts, Social Science & Information Technology is 70-80%.
  • Students who would like to study in United kingdom from India but have scored less than 60% in XII can pick Foundation and Diploma courses that really help them enter into better-rated Universities.
  • Students going after UG courses in United kingdom must have completed 18 years old before they start this program.


  • Undergraduate courses in USA are 4 years in duration. Universities in USA have 3 intakes: Fall: August/September, Spring: The month of january/Feb and Summer time: April/May.
  • A lot of students should have the needed British language proficiency to Study in USA. TOEFL score of 70-80 for Undergraduate studies as well as an IELTS score of 6.- 6.5 is needed. Over 3000 institutions in the united states recognize the IELTS & PTE exam.
  • Entry Needs to review in USA for Indian students for undergraduate programs include 10 24 months of your practice, strong academic background, good scores in entrance exams like Sitting/ACT & TOEFL/IELTS/PTE.


  • With an array of services for worldwide students, a lot of Indian students desire to study in Canada. The alluring stay-back possibilities would be the major pull factors.
  • To review an undergraduate enter in Canada students must obvious HSC in Top Class. And really should have removed the IELTS/TOEFL (ibt) exams effectively submission using the conditions set through the college. An IELTS gang of 6./6.5 or perhaps a TOEFL score of 80 and above for undergraduate courses in Canada is desirable.


  • The best student metropolitan areas come in Australia and therefore, it comes as no surprise that students flock to study in Australia. Australia generally has two intakes i.e. Feb and This summer, with a couple of Universities offering multiple intakes in September & November.
  • A great academic record inside a Senior High School Certificate or 12 many years of schooling is needed to study for Bachelor’s programs in australia. Some courses for example Computing and Engineering will need Mathematics and /or Science as pre-requisites. 6. IELTS / 79 TOEFL / 50-58 PTE are a few indicative scores needed too.

New Zealand

  • Study in Nz for Indian students after twelfth can happen at Nz universities, the path of study for any Bachelor’s degree includes a prescribed quantity of units, papers, or courses. In every subject, you will find usually first-year (stage I or 100â??level), second-year (stage 2 or 200 level), and third-year (stage 3 or 300 level) courses. Another-year course might be commenced once prescribed passes within the subject at stage I along with a third-year course once needed passes within the subject at stage 2.

Your undergraduate application is a straightforward task because of the services of Edwise. For more information, make contact with us today.

Study Abroad

Benefits of Study in UK: A Leader in Overseas Study

Among the first-class destinations for overseas education, the benefits of study in UK are constantly reinvented to help keep abreast using the ever-evolving landscape of your practice and industry. Towards the same effect, the united kingdom has witnessed an outburst in admissions and worldwide students, regardless of the raging pandemic. Students still choose to study in united kingdom over other destinations.

Using the perfect mixture of theory and practicum, courses in United kingdom are regarded as the very best and many fulfilling. Universities in United kingdom also have received a status of very highly rated institutions globally.

Here are a few benefits of study in UK. These are a few reasons but are not limited to just these:

Benefits of study in UK

1. Top-notch quality education

  • Through the years, the united kingdom has become a formidable pressure in overseas education.
  • Counted one of the better, the United kingdom employs a distinctive type of teaching and medium training that allows graduates to be ready for that competitive employment market.
  • Proof of the main focus on delivering quality education is always that many top universities in united kingdom are highly rated globally.
  • The United kingdom offers versatility in selecting the courses inside a given program, with a properly experienced faculty, the training imparted is holistic and well-established.
  • Having a strong concentration on functionality too, students gain on-the-job experience while going after their particular programs.

2. Globally recognized degrees

  • Becoming a worldwide hub of your practice, the United Kingdom is a well-liked choice and preference for a number of worldwide students who wish to pursue their further education abroad.
  • As numerous universities within the United kingdom are recognized globally, the qualifications, levels, and certificates they provide the scholars will also be worldwide recognized.
  • Because the education imparted is a mix of theory and functionality, graduates come with an upper give their peers within their particular home countries.
  • Graduates using these qualifications are also liked by worldwide organizations and companies.

3. Post Study Work opportunities

  • Just as one worldwide hub of the practice, the Uk is really a well-loved choice and preference for several worldwide students who would like to pursue their further education abroad.
  • Currently, as Master’s programs in UK are of 1-year duration, students are met with an opportunity to receive the same qualification within a shorter time period.
  • Since the education imparted is a mixture of theory and functionality, graduates provide Benefits of Study in UK an upper give their peers inside their particular home countries.
  • Graduates with such qualifications will also be loved by worldwide organizations and firms.

4. International and global campuses

  • Using the United kingdom as being a melting pot of cultures, nationalities, and personalities, universities in united kingdom are located on vibrant multicultural and worldwide campuses.
  • Always busy, these campuses behave as mediators for college students to have interaction with one another and share views, ideas and make lasting systems.
  • With a good amount of clubs and societies, students are given a platform to understand new languages, understand different cultures and leave their comfort zones.

5. Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • To assist international students study abroad, universities in UK offer a plethora of scholarships and financial aid.
  • These can be in the form of tuition fee reductions, accommodation discounts, or a full-ride scholarship.
  • Apart from these scholarships, there are various organizations that also offer scholarships for students to study in UK.
  • Scholarships really help students reduce the financial burden and increase affordability.